Visual Book of Emotions

Visual book of emotions is a book from Camilla Tuominen, Emotion Tracker CEO and co-founder. It is a book about emotions and her journey from emotion confusion to emotion clarity and it also also reveals how Emotion Tracker journey begun. It is published by, currently only in Finnish but hopefully soon also in English. In her words:

“This book is an honest and visual story about how it feels to grow back into one’s own self, how to learn to live from one’s own values instead of listening only to requirements from the outside world. How impossible it felt in the beginning, how deep the waters were at times but how gradually the own path was found.”

Customer testimonial:
“During the years, I have read all sorts of self-help books but this was something I had never seen! The book contained colorful pictures and compact insights – I was thrilled! The book helps reader to understand something very essential about emotions, what the are trying to communicate to us about ourselves and the environment around us.”
Sisko ja sen sisko – blog

Tunne kuvakirja - Camilla Tuominen

Where to buy?

You can find the book from many bookshops and online stores or buy it right here from our web store.

Happy reading!

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