Training, Lectures and Visualization

Even today, many organizations still focus almost completely on the fact level, focusing on performance, efficiency, short-term goals and think that by doing more, they will be more successful.

We want to challenge this view and introduce organisations to the powerful world of emotions. We believe that the real and lasting success is created inside-out, on the emotional level by understanding basic human needs, energy that is either locked or accelerated by emotions in all the human interactions that the organizations have.

We help organisations to understand and handle emotions. We believe that the work should start from individual level because through wellbeing individuals, we have a possibility create wellbeing organisations and society.

Perfection is burden

We need organizations that have the courage to look at their true emotional climate

We have to create environments that are based on trust, respect and transparency because in that kind of environments the e.g. creativity, effectivity and performance will flourish. For this end, we have created emotion training programs that can be personalized to fit especially your company.
Emotion training program will combine knowledge, strong visualisations and Emotion Tracker application to an effective learning experience.

Emotion Tracker training

We have just partnered with Sovelto, who is one of the leading training companies in Finland, to create and scale Emotion Tracker trainings to even wider audiences. Sovelto has over 20 years of experience in training and they train approximately 30 000 people/year. We are super excited about this collaboration with this quality partner to truly enhance the emotion skills of the Finnish workforce.


What “leading emotions” actually means? Check out webinar about the topic with Emotion Tracker’s Camilla Tuominen and Sovelto’s Meiju Sundelin (1h, in Finnish)


Emotion lectures & trainings

Camilla Tuominen_Monster aamu_Emotion Tracker

Often the easiest way for organisations to start the emotion journey is to invite Emotion Tracker CEO Camilla to give the so called “What’s In It For Me” / “Why, How and What of Emotions” – lecture to the potential sceptics. After one can see the first reactions, issues that come up and decide on the next steps that fit especially your organizations.

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Emotion lecture feedback: 

“ Emotion lecture was very positive and inspiring experience. The themes of the lecture were very interesting and fresh, and we were inspired by Camilla’s excitement. The discussion after the lecture were full of energy. We can warmly recommend this topic and Camilla to work communities and hopefully we also get to work with her in the future.”

Anna Rundgren, Finland’s ministry of the Interior

Workshop feedback: 

“ In the charity sector the understanding of emotions is vital. As a lecturer Camilla was passionate and inspiring. The attendees were fascinated by Camilla’s new and fresh approach how to work with volunteers, supporters and donors. After the lecture the fundraisers had a
lot of amazing ideas for their mission: make the change and work for better world.”

– Pia Tornikoski, secretary general, Finnish Fundraising Association

Emotion visualizations

The benefits of emotions are undisputable and through emotions we can create e.g. more connection between people, loyalty and trust. Often pictures are more effective way of waking up feelings and it is often unused power espicially in the organisation context. Maybe this behind that there has been growing demand from organisations to get their e.g. values or strategy visualized and Camilla has been doing this kind of work for some organizations too.

Here are few public examples of Camilla’s visualisations for different companies.

FONDIA – Law made smart & HRM Partners – KIVA strategy

PARANEMISEN AVAIN – book & F-Secure visual notes

Do you want e.g. your story, values or strategy in pictures like this?

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