Terms of Use


Emotion Tracker application (later “application”) is a tool developed by F8 Helsinki Oy (later ”F8”) for monitoring emotions. By using the application, you agree to abide with these Terms of Use, including the possible changes made to them.

The application is meant only for personal and non-commercial use, unless otherwise notified. If you do not accept these Terms of Use in their entirety, you must immediately leave the application.

F8 reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time without separate notice. Due to this, it is recommended that you read these Terms of Use at regular intervals.

About the application

The application is an internet and mobile-based tool for people who wish to monitor and analyse their emotions.

You agree not to take any measures against F8 regarding the material you have submitted to F8. F8 is responsible for the technical upkeep of the application.

Intellectual Property Rights

This application and its content, such as brands, design, logos and online IDs are protected based on intellectual property legislation, and they are the property of F8 or a possible third party, and they should not be used in any way without the specific written consent of F8 or the third party in question provided in advance.

The content of the application has been protected with Finnish and international intellectual property laws and agreements. The copyright for the material in the application, including the text without restrictions, belongs to F8. Complete or partial copying, duplicating, modifying, changing, re-publishing, utilising, downloading, recording, distorting, transferring or distributing the content of the application or any part of the content with any method is forbidden without the specific written consent of F8 provided in advance.

F8 does not guarantee that using the application would not violate the rights of a third party. F8 reserves all rights that have not been specifically granted here. F8 reserves the right to commence legal procedures in the event that its intellectual property rights are violated.

The information provided in the application

This application contains information related to emotions, and it has been intended only for the use of natural persons. The information provided in the application is not comprehensive. F8 does not distribute medical advice with the help of the application. The information in the application cannot be used for diagnostics or decisions regarding medical treatment, and it has not been intended as a replacement for your physician’s advice.

If you are in need of medical counselling or treatment, please contact a doctor or medical or health care staff immediately.

Using the application

By using this application, you agree to abiding with these Terms of Use, including the possible changes to be made later to these Terms or the application. You agree not to use this application for any illegal purpose or any other purpose that is forbidden on the basis of these Terms of Use. By using the application you agree to not acquiring or attempting to acquire unauthorised access to other systems with this application. You also agree to not downloading or otherwise distributing any material that may contain viruses or a harmful code or an application that might in some way change or interfere with the hardware of the application or F8 or the users of the application. F8 can at any time interrupt, prevent or terminate a user from accessing the application.

No guarantees

F8 aims to do its best in order to keep the information in the application accurate and up-to-date. Utilising the application will be at your own responsibility. The application is provided “as it is”, and F8 does not grant a guarantee or promise that the information in the application is correct, in order, up-to-date or comprehensive. Furthermore, F8 does not guarantee that the application will meet your expectations or that it is available without interruption or in a timely manner, securely and without errors, or that the correctness, accuracy, comprehensiveness or quality that you receive through the application will meet your expectations. F8 reserves the right to change the content of the application at any time and without separate notice.

As a user of this application, you must be responsible for the damages to your information system or loss of data that is due to downloading information from the application. No information that you have received through the application constitutes legally binding advice or a guarantee that has not been separately expressed in these Terms of Use.

The above-mentioned does not restrict the rights awarded to the consumer by mandatory legislation.


Using the application is at your own risk. F8 is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages, including damages caused by the unused possibility to use the application, damages caused by inaccuracy, incorrectness or omission of information, loss of revenue, goodwill, user right or data or other financial loss resulting from the use of the application or not being able to use the application, costs incurred by acquiring replacement service that is based on the information acquired through the service, data or service, unauthorised access to information transfer or changing them without authorisation, damaged hardware, access of viruses into the information system or other circumstances related to the application.

Other regulations regarding the application

F8 can at any time permanently or temporarily change or terminate the entire application or a part of the application in order to perform maintenance and/or amendments or change the application. F8 is not responsible for changes or interruptions to the application.

Applicable legislation and contact information

The Finnish law shall be applied to these Terms of Use. Possible disputes shall be settled in a Finnish court of law, either in Helsinki District Court or the general court at the user’s domicile.


Privacy Policy

If you have questions about Terms of Use, you can contact info@emotiontracker.fi.