We believe that one interesting and impactful way of learning emotions is through pictures. Not to search for one right answer but instead look at the picture and feel what it awakes in you. Have do you feel when you look at the pictures? Have you ever felt that way? Learn more about why we chose pictures as one form of emotion teaching and about the science of pictures in last part of this page.

Do you ever feel like this?

Why we chose pictures as one way to help people to understand emotions?

Human brain reads pictures 60 000 more quicker than text and this must be one of the reasons why pictures have become a major part of our mission to teach people to understand emotions. Tell you the truth, it was not planned in the beginning that our CEO Camilla would start to create pictures but people’s reactions decided it on behalf of us. Now, our pictures are integrated part of our story, teachings and materials in trainings, lectures, in the book and in Emotion Tracker app.

Pictures also teach us a good attitude towards how to interpret emotions: emotions should be regarded little bit like art. Art and emotions both are not fixed, rational or linear but instead very subjective experience where e.g. past experiences, personality, attitude etc. have an huge impact. Sure we have certain guidelines and information in both areas but ultimately one should just learn to listen oneself and ask how does this make one feel instead of focusing on how one should fee.

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