We will make emotions understandable for everyone

Emotion Tracker was founded on passion that emotions are not whatever and they should be appreciated, listened and acknowledged because that way we can solve many of the most pressing problems we face today as individuals and as organisations.

Big picture

If you think about grandest problems we face in our world, e.g. poverty, conflicts, pollution and hunger. What is behind them?

Human behaviour. In most cases.

What is behind human behaviour? Human emotions. They drive our behaviour.

Now you can easily see that behind huge problems like poverty, conflicts, pollution and hunger, there we can find emotions like greed, selfishness, hate, feeling of inequity and anger that drive us to choose poorly.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” as Mahatma Gandhi famously said.

Our mission is to change the world for better one person at a time by teaching them emotions.

Missio, Big Picture

Individual level

We want to change the world for the better by teaching individuals to become more aware, by teaching them to understand the beauty of all emotions and teaching them to see how our emotions and thoughts affect our perceptions, decisions and behaviour.

We believe that when individuals become more aware, they will want to choose better. They want to do better. They want to be better.

Then we get a ripple effect as emotions and positive behaviour are contagious.

One chooses better. One time, second time, third time. Second chooses better. One time, second time, third time.

We create chain of positive micro changes.


Selected News & media

Emotion Tracker and Camilla have been featured in many prestigious Finnish media, including: YLE AAMU-TV, YLE EFTER NIO, KAUPPALEHTI, TALOUSELÄMÄ, YLE PUHE, RADIO AALTO, YLE AJANKOHTAINEN KAKKONEN, YLE A2-ILTA ect.

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Yle Puhe Camilla Tuominen
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We are

Emotion Tracker story started 2012 from Camilla’s frustration of ignorance of emotions in our private and especially in our professional lives which led to determination to do something about it. Soon came along other founding partners: Laura, Jarkko and Asmo. The technical backbone is the great Janne. Company also has six beautiful angel investors who has believed in this mission from the day one. We do things our way and the driver is to make a positive change in our world.


Camilla Tuominen
Co-founder, CEO
+358 400 439 604
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Laura Hokkanen
Co-founder, Technology


Janne Ylinen


Jarkko Rantanen
Co-founder, Psychology


Asmo Halinen
Co-founder, IT and startup advisor

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What is Your Story?

Emotions are a part of our daily lives and are entwined into every moment of our existence. How well are you connected with yours?