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Our mission is to help people to understand emotions by offering them tools and information. We vision is a world where everyone knows how to handle their emotions and can live in balance with the world.


Emotion Tracker App

Emotion Tracker is an easy-to-use application you can use to identify and analyze your emotions.



We have published two leading of emotions books that can help you move from emotion confusion into emotion clarity and teach you how to lead emotions in the business context.


Training & Lectures & Visualizations

We offer trainings, lectures and visualisations which help you to make your life or business more successful.

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Emotions in Pictures

We teach people emotions also through pictures and they are now integrated part of our trainings, lectures and soon Emotion Tracker.



Living picture is powerful way to learn too. Here you can find our animations, lectures, Emotion Tracker guides and vlogs.


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Where to buy?

You can buy products from our web shop or contact camilla@emotiontracker.fi for more details.