Frequently Asked Questions

Even though our service is very simple to use, there are some questions you might have. We have collected the most common ones here. If you can’t find an answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact!

Where can I get Emotion Tracker?

You can order for yourself or for your organisation Emotion Tracker licenses through our web store or for larger orders, by contacting us. In accordance to tracking, it is important to also educate yourself more about emotions and you can contact us about our training program.

How do I start using Emotion Tracker? / How do I login to Emotion Tracker?

  1. Navigate to:
  2. Add registration code
  3. Download icon to your mobile phone home screen
  4. Start using Emotion Tracker

What is the science behind Emotion Tracker?

Emotion Tracker is based on the idea that it will develop an individual’s cognitive skills and their ability to recognise feelings. Actually already the simple act of stopping and identifying emotions is already an intervention that has positive health effects. The identification of emotions is something that is widely recognised among health care professions as something that is necessary if you want to increase your wellbeing. Actually the task of tracking emotions is something that doctors already “order” patients to do – but with “paper and pen”.Emotion Tracker has unique emotion categorization which will encourage the you to recognize the emotion in more detail. We often talk about emotions in too vague way and Emotion Tracker will help you with more specific identification.

Learn more: On Emotion Tracker’s Facebook page, you can find links to several studies and news articles (currently mostly in Finnish) on why it is important to identify emotions.

What is our vision?

Emotion Tracker will help first the individuals with their emotions: how to identify them and then by giving guidance based on individual’s emotion data. In the next phase we will offer individual ways to be social: ability to share her feelings with e.g. coach or anonymously to e.g. employer. The idea is that emotions are important and they should be valued in individuals, in organizations and in society. Stay tuned for more: follow us on Facebook and by ordering our newsletter.

Currently known issues with Emotion Tracker App

Interesting tracking! Keep it up! It takes a while to see the results but by repeating this process, you will see the results e.g. as more clarity, self-knowledge and peace-of-mind.

Difficult to understand why we should identify emotions?

Maybe a real-life story of what happens when you do not listen to your emotions and how you can learn to lead your emotions will give you the needed background and motivation? In that case, check “Visual book of emotions- from emotion confusion to emotion clarity”