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Emotion Tracker is an easy-to-use application you can use to identify and analyze your emotions.

Emotion Tracker is accessible using a web browser on your mobile device or computer.

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More aware in situations


First step in becoming better in emotions? Learn how to name emotions. Even though many do not believe but there is actually very rich vocabulary of how to describe how you feel and by being able to be more specific in what you are feeling, the more successful and wellbeing you’ll be. There is an abundance of science data that for example says that 90% top performers have high emotional intelligence and the ability name emotions is one of the most important aspects of emotional intelligence.

Emotion Tracker core mission is to teach you to be more specific with your emotions. It will give you a pool of more than 160 emotions that have a unique categorization where you can most probably find the one that fits to just what you are feeling.

By repeating the Emotion Tracker process: stopping, naming the emotion, identifying your thoughts, admitting it by writing it, you feel the results in time as more clarity, balance and peace of mind as the confusion due to unidentified and vague emotions fades away bit by bit.

Emotion Tracking Steps

We’ve made tracking of emotions easy for you! In just few steps you can help yourself to become more aware of your own feelings:

  1. Name emotion(s)
  2. Define intensity of emotion(s)
  3. Add more details like subject and comments

Reports give you important information about your tracking. You can look at the reports, filter the data to find the answers to the questions that are interesting to you. For example:

  • “What have been my most used emotions regarding my work?”
  • “ In what situations have I tracked that I am grateful?”
  • “What were my most common emotions last month?”

We have made Emotion Tracker as simple as possible but naturally we do get some questions about the application and some more often than others. We’ve collected the most frequently asked questions to make finding answers easy for you. Click here to read more.

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You can find more videos (also instruction videos in Finnish) on our

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Customer testimonial

“I got Emotion Tracker few weeks ago and already in this short time, it has helped me a lott. It forces me in a beautiful way to stop beside the emotion and reflect where the emotion and thoughts really come from. After small analysis, I get enough distance to the emotion and I am able to make more conscious decision on how to proceed.”
Johanna, Emotion Tracker user

“We have used Emotion Tracker in four different training programs designed for managers and leaders. Feedback has been enthusiastic: “This is the thing that has been missing from the worklife!”. It has also been great to get Camilla to give a lecture about emotions, their importance and about her own experiences. Camilla is energetic speaker that gets people onboard!”
Sirpa Karvonen, Head of training, AVA-institute