Learn how to surf the waves of emotions

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I think all of us have sometimes felt the wave of emotions taking us over. Maybe it was during the night and we felt almost hopeless and unable to do anything.

It does not have to be like that. Leading of emotions is a skill like any other. It can be learned and mastered even though at first it might feel impossible. But do you remember how impossible learning foreign language fist felt before you started to study it? It is the same thing with emotions. We just have to first have the motivation and curious mindset and then be ready to work hard. Leading of emotions is simple but hard. There is no quickfix but with practise and time, we will learn to surf the amazing energy of emotions and hear what they are trying to tell us.

Next time the wave comes, you can try these steps:

  1. Breath (so that your body stays calm)
  2. Listen, pay attention without judgement and try to see your emotions/thoughts outside of you (maybe in your hand)
  3. Be more detailed on what you see: what do you feel or think (Fear? Anxiety? Sadness? Confusion? Hopelessness? Selfpity? Negative self talk? Naming the emotion calms you brain)
  4. Try think what emotions are trying to tell you (Too much work? Too difficult work? Are you alone? Have you lost something important to you?)
  5. When you have learned what you can in this situation, let it go. Breath, just be present.

Do you feel any easier now?

Who are we? Emotion Tracker is a startup with a mission to teach everyone how to understand and lead emotions. Camilla Tuominen is the CEO of this company and shares the mission in everything she does. The teaching of emotions happens through many methods: our webapp Emotion Tracker (get yours from our webshop), emotion lectures and training programs led by Camilla (book her through contacting her or Speakers Forum) or through illustrations by Camilla that you can see for example in these pages or in her book (Tunnekuvakirja). We are happy to hear from you!

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