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Do you ever feel like you are just #toomuch for others?

Do you ever feel like this?
Like you are a fireworks in the dessert?
Like you are rainbow and others are grey?
Like everyones true emotions are hidden behind still faces?
Like you are just #crazy and definitely #toomuch?

Me too. And it’s a shame because when we all dilute ourselves to something tasteless, reasonable and safe, there won’t be e.g. innovation, joy, wellbeing, courage, feelings of fulfilment or long lasting pride – all these beautiful side effects of strong positive emotions.

We also miss the opportunity to learn. When we are afraid to face the negative emotions (and they stay hidden), we miss the opportunity to know and fix our problems – in early stages before they potentially escalate into catastrophes. We are also deff to weak signals that could potentially bring us important information about changes.

So next time you meet somebody “colorfull”, try this:

1.) Be 100% present with clear mind. No pre-judgements, just listening (it’t hard but possible)

2.) Notice and pick your judgements that you identify by their tales: “why did I think that way? Why did I judge?”. And try to put them aside and continue to listen.

3.) Remember: innovations and great ideas always sound nuts at first. But we need them to survive. As Einstein quote says:

“You cannot solve the problems with same thinking that created them.” 

We need the challenging or we will not grow. So after “strange” idea, don’t judge the idea right away but instead say for example:

“Interesting. Could you tell me a bit more?”

And if you are the #crazyone:

Do not ever stop. World needs you and your passion. Sure you should adjust yourself wisely to situations but you cannot give up on you. Know where the fine line is between sacrificing and wisdom. Because as classic Apple ad from 1984 stated so beautifully:

“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the World are the ones who do”.


Who are we? Emotion Tracker is a startup with a mission to teach everyone how to understand and lead emotions. Camilla Tuominen is the CEO of this company and shares the mission in everything she does. The teaching of emotions happens through many methods: our webapp Emotion Tracker (get yours from our webshop), emotion lectures and training programs led by Camilla (book her through contacting her or Speakers Forum) or through illustrations by Camilla that you can see for example in these pages or in her book (Tunnekuvakirja). We are happy to hear from you!

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