Are you leading your emotions or are they leading you?

Understanding and leading emotions is the key to every individual’s wellbeing and the main factor behind most successful individuals and organisations.

By learning how to lead your emotions, your wellbeing increases as you gain more clarity, energy, balance, creativity and strength.

Same goes for the organisations as wellbeing individuals create wellbeing organisations.

Our offerings

Our mission is to help people to understand emotions by offering them tools and information. We vision is a world where everyone knows how to handle their emotions and can live in balance with the world.

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Training & Lectures & Visualizations

We offer trainings, lectures and visualisations which help you to make your life or business more successful.

emotion tracker

Emotion Tracker App

Emotion Tracker is an easy-to-use application you can use to identify and analyze your emotions.



Leading of emotions books “Tunnekuvakirja ” and “Johda tunteita – menesty työelämässä” teaches you about emotions with strong visuals.

Feedback from our customers

“What an incredible power the identification of emotions and decision making have! The results are clear in the reports.”
-Tuuli, Emotion Tracker user

“Huge thanks from your book. It has helped me tremendously. Your book has also inspired me to draw which has opened a whole new way for me to handle and analyse my emotions. Thank you for teaching me and many others a new way to explore and understand emotions.”
-Visual book of emotions reader

“Emotion lecture was very positive and inspiring experience. The themes of the lecture were very interesting and fresh, and we were inspired by Camilla’s excitement. The discussion after the lecture were full of energy. We can warmly recommend this topic and Camilla to work communities and hopefully we also get to work with her in the future.”
-Anna Rundgren, Finland’s ministry of the Interior

Do you ever feel like this?

One of our main goals is to help understanding of emotions through emotion knowledge and pictures. In pictures section you can find our just released pictures and emotion knowledge.

Leading emotions is a skill that can easily be learned.

Many people and organisations do not realise that emotions can be led. And even quite easily. It is a skill like any other that can be learned but there needs to be curiosity, interest and willingness to learn – do you have it?

Benefits of leading emotions will be enormous and are scientifically undisputed. For example, by leading emotions, we gain more overall mental and physical wellbeing, we will be more successful at work through increased creativity and ability to focus and be present. We will have more energy and our life satisfaction will increase through our increased capability handle negative events, our ability to notice the positive will increase our connection to others, add compassion and gratefulness.

News & Media

Radio Aalto


Camilla had the priviledge on being a guest at Efter Nio program at @Yle Svenska TV. The topics included her journey from business consultant to startup founder, Emotion Tracker, emotion pictures [...]
Nordic Business Forum Speaker sourcing contest semi-final 2018: Understanding and Leading of emotions (10min)

Want to learn how to lead your emotions? 

With help of Emotion Tracker you can learn to identify and name your emotions. 

What is Emotion Tracker and why should I track emotions?